Here Comes The Gore

by Gorebore

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Recorded live on a hot ass summer day, in a humid shed about 110 degrees. We love you all.


released June 24, 2015

AJ: Guitar
Mike: Drums
Nick: Vocals

Produced and mastered by AJ Brandenburg at The Bedlam Den.

Album art: Mike Boyle



all rights reserved


Gorebore Maryland

Hailing from the dirtiest, grimiest pit of Pasadena, MD, GOREBORE emerges from the abyss with an arsenal of heavy, grinding metal. This sinister 3 piece combo of brutality conjured by A.J. Brandenburg and Mike Boyle, was summoned to drill its way through the cerebral cortex of the underground metal scene. ... more

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Track Name: Funny Hats
-Funny Hats-

You can dress an
ape like a man
and decorate him
like a fucking
Christmas tree.

Pin a plastic
"Good Job" badge
on his chest and
watch the ego inflate.

Corporate games of "dress up"
doesn't matter if they mess up.
People only see the masks, the
hats- these fucking businessmen in drag!

Tall and pointy is
rounded off with a cross means you
get to touch kids.

Fedoras, Fedoras,
ascots, ascots,
why the fuck should I care what
a trilby is?!

Status and fashion
mix like abuse and passion.

Love to look good,
live to impress.
Use a card for half the store and
your cash for the rest.

Track Name: Good Christian People
-Good Christian People-

Sound of God,
I can hear every word.
He speaks loud and clear

What I choose to do with his every word,
is spread hatred and fear.
Hollow text I can read every word,
It makes me feel refined.

It gives me new life.

And in dying congregation,
we release our souls.

To relinquish misery,
To relinquish harmony,
to relinquish feeling free,
Now you're feeling empty.

Take what you can,
you're fish, then a man,
don't you ever look back,
or your faith it will lack.

Existing to die,
praying to lies,
Learn to conform,
or in hell you will fry.

But you would never deny the hate that fills inside you,
no you would never ignore the rage,
or the feeling builds within you.

Within us all.
Track Name: Salvation Termination // Graverobber's Waltz
-Salvation Termination-



-Graverobber's Waltz-

You are my beauty,
I love you befoul me.
Your stench makes me hard,
Your stomach's rotting lard.
Intrigued by your foulness
I feel so righteous,
Let me grab your hand,
And have our death dance
Track Name: 10 of Wands
-10 of Wands-

Sometimes I really can't understand it.
Why?! Why do we follow when change is demanded?!
Why sit at the table and eat every bit of it?
When we all know that what we eat it shit!

All for one, and one for all.
Death assure, we all will fall.
A nation, under NO ONE.
United by Hate; As we proliferate

Do you one, do you in,
Bring on the storm
Into eternity
You have been thrown

Prolong the inevitable,
Are we building a home...
Or an Empire?

Pawns to an Exploited System